Sunday, 23 October 2011

Guests in the Old Forest

I love using lichens in ikebana. Lichens shows the patience of time and represents the long perspectives and the slow living. I found an old branch covered with lichens on the ground in the forest the other day when I was looking for materials for a wall ikebana arrangement. What I had in mind was something more sturdy, but I felt that this branch had something special about it. I also found some nice Birch Bark that had been curled.

Wall ikebana.
Pine branch with lichen, Birch bark,
flowers from a Protea bouquet.

I ended up with a construction emphasizing curved lines, and thought of what additional materials I would need. My first thought was sticking to local flowers, but in this case I ended up using something totally opposite. Flowers from a Protea bouquet from the grocery store on the corner added the colour needed without being too flashy. I actually think they have something of the same magic as the the materials from the old forest.


Kate said...

Nice to see you back posting your flower creations!

Beautiful arrangement. Yes, lichen are fun to work with.

nordic lotus said...

Thanks Kate. I'll try to update more regulary from now. It's good to be back. Thanks for noticing.

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