Thursday, 28 July 2011

Under The Chestnut Tree

Earlier this summer I was invited to help out with the ikebana exhibition at Oslo Rose Days. Since the exhibition took place in the Freia Hall, a room with large paintings by Edvard Munch around the walls, I decided to create a series of ikebana arrangements inspired by Munch's art.

"Under the chestnut tree".
Maple, White Singapore Orchids,
Gypsophila and Delphinium.

Along with his more existentialist motives and his self portraits, Munch also painted portraits of models trough all of his career. This portrait called "Under the Chestnut Tree" was painted rather late in Munch's life. It is one of the highlights from his 1930s production and is a portrait of the model Hanna Brieschke.

In the ikebana arrangement I wanted to catch the refreshing feeling of sitting under a large tree. The white Orchids echoes the large flowers of the Chestnut tree, and the cooling blue colour from the painting is seen in the flowers under the branches and in the water.


Ai said...

It never occurred to me that I can make the flower arrangement inspired by the art work. It's beautiful. I should go to the museum as well.

nordic lotus said...

Making ikebana inspired by art work is fun and a good exercise in creativity. On the internet there are a lot of pictures from exhibitions with art works and ikebana. Have a look at and get inspired!

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