Thursday, 9 December 2010

Purple for Advent

Purple is the colour of advent. In churches it's the liturgical colour of penitence and fasting as well as the colour of royalty to welcome the advent of the baby Jesus as king. Here in Norway a lot of purple candles and paper napkins are sold in the interior design shops. In the flower shops purple flowers are competing with the red or with Christmas flowers.

Advent arrangement in a white porcelain vase.
Norwegian spruce, purple tulips, pine
and thin handmade Japanese paper.

Seasonal ikebana arrangements is a big thing in Japanese culture. Every seasonal feast has its own flowers with a symbolic meaning. Today ikebana is spread around the world. Why not make a special ikebana arrangement for the advent season? I made this arrangement a couple of years ago. It has a seasonal feeling to it - like walking in a snowy forest on a crispy cold winter's day. If you want you can use red instead of purple and make it a Christmas ikebana.

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