Sunday, 3 January 2010

The Spirit of Christmas

If you are still in a Holiday mood I suggest you check out the website of the French Femme2decoTV. There is a step by step Christmas spirit ikebana instruction by Asami Nakamura, an ikebana master of the Kaden Ryu ikebana school. It's in French only, but the pictures are very easy to follow, and it's a great arrangement.

I came across the blog of Nakamura last autumn and her classical ikebana arrangements have been an inspiration for me since then. The Kaden Ryu school was founded in Germany in 1987 by mr. Kikuto Sakagawa. It teaches classical ikebana styles and specializes in Kaden otemae, a ceremonial way of practicing ikebana with roots from the Samurai times.

1 comment:

Asami NAKAMURA said...


Happy new year 2010!

Thank you for your presentation.
I will be pleased to present your work in my blog too.

Thank you again and good bye. ^_^/

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