Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Ikebana at Japan Week 2009

These are my contributions to the exhibition "Japan Week 2009 - Beauty and Magic" in the Oslo City Hall Gallery. I'm very proud to be asked to contribute to an exhibition that holds such high quality. It has also been fun to work in a beautiful and well designed setting that compliments the arrangements.

"Pale blue poetry". Painted branches of Mitsumata, Limonium and Aspedistra leaf.

"Ties of friendship". Climbing Hydrangea, Strelitzia and pine in a vase from Nicaragua.

"Between past and future". Wood, Cymbidium orchids and Eucalyptus.

"Inner beauty". Freestyle, Morimono form. Cassava, Cucumber, Kohlrabi and chili pepper


Meighan said...

Beautiful work, you are very talented, I can see why you were asked to contribute your ikebana!

Venkatesh said...

Nice ikebana. Especially that colourful vase from Nicaragua. Bird of paradise is a nice choice for it. Great Exhibition !!

Keith said...

Some great work Lennart. I can't decide which is my favorite, I love them all. Keep up the GREAT work!!!!!

nordic lotus said...

Thank you guys for the encouragement. It's good to know that you're out there.

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